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IELTS requirements

IELTS is accepted by organisations all over the world and each organisation sets its own minimum IELTS score requirements.

English language standards setting committee

The appointment of a standards setting committee can be a very useful initiative when starting a review of the level of English proficiency required to be admitted to your educational institution or organisation.

Within the standards setting committee you might include employer groups/registration bodies, teaching and learning staff, language experts, your institution’s policy makers and former students/graduates with IELTS experience.

IELTS Online Tutorial

IELTS Online Tutorial is a web-based platform designed for people who use IELTS results in their place of work. It provides an overview of test development, assessment and score processing for educational institutions, professional bodies, governments and employers. It is an invaluable tool for all members of the standards setting committee.

What IELTS band score should we ask for?

Once the committee is established, there are several useful steps the panel can work through to ensure band score requirements are chosen accurately.