XEL International Education

Pre-departure Support

We’ll help you feel at home abroad

Visa Issued, Predeparture preparation

Congratulations! You can now start pre-departure preparations for departure including buying a flight ticket, organising accommodation etc. The process of predeparture preparation can be daunting. If needed XEL will assist you with this process.

Arrive in Australia

Arriving and navigating a foreign country can also be a stressful process. XEL can assist you with meet and greet at the airport and help your with navigating your travel to the university.

Post Arrival Orientation Sessions

If requested, XEL will assist you with the process of settling preparations in Australia. XEL will assist you with information on travel preparations to and from the university, bus or train cards, organising a tax file number, how to find student jobs. XEL will also help you liaise with a university representative on how to navigate and organise your study life and adapt to the Australian way of study. Our counsellors are also available to give you counselling support with this process so that you settle and adapt to your studies with as minimal stress as possible.

During the course of your studies, XEL will keep in touch with you and they will be available to assist you if need arises to change courses, change universities, visa expiry or trouble shooting any other issues to do with your study in Australia.

Our counsellors will schedule post arrival orientation sessions will help you navigate personal and cultural growth opportunities in Australia. In these sessions, you will discover more about Australia, its different states, climates in different states, places of interest, places to visit, local culture, national culture etc. Knowing more about Australia and local culture will help you to well in Australia and integrate easily in the community.

Student life in your new country

The learning and study culture in Australia is likely to be different from what you are accustomed to from your own country. As such, it is very important that you learn and develop your own strategies to adjust to a new learning environment. There may be different teaching styles, learning styles, different modes of conveying information. There may also be different platforms of receiving information, a variety of assessments, different classroom environments and expectations. You’ll also discover a new student culture and you may undergo culture shock!

Culture shock

Culture shock is a positive or negative symptom that you may experience when exposed to a different student or local culture in Australia. Culture shock may positively or negatively influence your ability to  adjust and settle in Australia. Our counsellors will discuss recognition of culture shock and suggest strategies that you can employ to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Setting up a bank account

Other important issues that our counsellors will discuss with you include;

Setting up a bank account to ensure that you can transact money to pay for your accommodation, tuition fees and living expenses and wages when you decide to get a job.

International money transfer

Our counsellors will also discuss student jobs, visa regulations for international students and how to balance work and study.