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Excellent Education System

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. Some of Australia’s universities are counted among the 50 best universities of the world. Australia is a peaceful country and Australian universities are always excited to welcome international students into their communities.

Easy Accessibility To A Student Visa

In comparison to other countries, it is quite easy to get a Visa to study in Australia. As with any other country, you have to meet several requirements in order to get a Visa, a process which can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with XEL counsellors assisting you step by step, the process of getting a study Visa for foreign students is relatively easy.

Breathtaking Landscapes

In between your studies, another reason to study in Australia is the beautiful landscape in this continent. You can find more than five different climate zones on this continent. Some parts of Australia such as the rainforest and areas of Great Barrier Reef even belong to the UNESCO´s World Heritage List. The coast of the mainland is over 36,000 kilometres long and counts almost 11,000 beaches. During your 2-4 years of studies, it won´t even be possible for you to visit all the beaches of the country.

There are many activities that you can engage in; why not try skiing in the south-east mountains of Australia or go for an adventure in the outback, learn and experience Indigenous culture. You can also try one of the most famous sports in Australia: surfing on the coast. Surfing is very popular in Australia and so is the more traditional game of Cricket. This game has been played for longer than 150 years.

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Discover The Australian Culture And Its People

Discover the Australian culture and its people. Australians, or Aussies, love to shorten words. There is no other English speaking country with more abbreviations and slang.
Australian people are known as sociable, open and relaxed so you can easily make friends with everybody. Almost 30% of the people living in Australia are immigrants, which influences the cultural diversity of the country. You can find cultural elements from many European countries like UK, Italy, Greece, China, India, and the Philippines and Africa. You should also get to know the Indigenous Aussies, called the Aboriginals, and their unique cultures and mindsets.

Enjoy Working Part-Time Jobs Alongside Your Studies

With the Australian Student Visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester. During semester breaks you could even work full time. You can find part-time jobs such as a retail assistant, a waiter, or a promoter. Just search for student jobs on the internet, like for example SEEK. This is one of the most used job platforms in Australia. With your Student Visa, you need to apply for a Tax File Number online. This TFN is essential to get paid!

Better Chances On The Job Market After Your Graduation

After your studies in Australia you will have higher chances of landing a job world-wide. If you decide to go back to your home country your employer will surely like your Australian degree. Most employers world-wide prefer employees with international exposure who can communicate in English and can adapt easily to working with different people, all sorts of customers and foreign environment. If you decide not to return to your home country immediately after your studies, you could apply for the “Temporary Graduate Visa”. This allows you to work in Australia for 12 more months even after you have graduated.