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XEI Education Helpline

Need help? We’re always here.

Helpline in Australia

We would like to stress that, if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency in Australia, please call 000 to be put through to ambulance, police or fire brigade.

For non-emergency issues, please feel free to contact us via our XEL Education WhatsApp Helpline which is a confidential line available 24/7. Our counsellors will help you immediately or connect you to someone who can.

XEL Helpline is here on issues which include when:

  • You have questions about your student visa
  • You need guidance regarding issues to do with student work, living or study situation
  • Feel as though you are experiencing stress or anxiety
  • You have non-emergency sickness and need help to be connected a medical professional
  • You are hospitalised in Australia and need to inform family and friends
  •  Have lost your travel documents