XEL International Education

Why XEL?

Study overseas with someone who knows the way

XEL International Education Ltd. is a prestigious firm which aims to provide the best education and migration services. We focus on providing education services to students by guiding them to choose courses at colleges and universities across Australia. We consider students as individuals on a ‘case by case basis’ and help them plan learning pathways that are realistic and the most appropriate for them. We are able to explain the relevance of a given course to a student in relationship to their proposed career paths. This means the student is able to make an informed decision(s) on the course(s) to undertake towards their career goals. We endeavour to help the student ‘get it right the first time’!

Ready to start your global career? We’re here to help.We put you first

We believe that an investing in education is the most crucial foundation to start a life of success. An educational qualification obtained abroad will bring you many good opportunities for a solid career.

Our Aim

  • We aim;
  • To offer up to date and quality education consultancy services that meets the selection criteria of stakeholders and the career ambitions of prospective students.
  • To usher students to a high standard of tertiary education that qualifies them to work in any country in the world.
  • To facilitate this moment of transition for the students, offering high quality service in relation to course selection process, visa process, living in Australia as a student and touring
  • Our team is very professional and we treat our clients with a lot of respect, trying to find the best options in courses according to their expectations and needs.

Approachable international education experts.

XEL Directors have adequate international exposure having lived, studied and worked in Europe and Australia for many years and hence understands the student visa compliance requirements.

Involved with different multicultural community groups and we therefore understand education needs of people from all backgrounds.

We are a registered migration agent in Australia, with an international presence and strategic alliance and vast network with different country’s visa systems.

We represent over several educational institutions for your further study needs, from high schools, colleges to universities worldwide from which you can choose the subjects and courses.

We lodge applications on behalf of students and migration clients for the courses and programs of their choice and eligibility.

Our expert counselling can help you make the correct decision and choose the right migration pathways.

We conduct regular information sessions, expos, seminars on various institutions and migration programs.

We arrange for students and clients to meet representative to learn more about their programs and for admission enquiries.

Ongoing assistance to students and migration clients who want to pursue further career-oriented programs.

XEL will endeavour to support you at every stage of your application process by offering the following support:

  • Course selection assistance
  • Career pathway mapping
  • University course application process and monitoring progress
  • Visa application process and monitoring progress
  • Health insurance assistance
  • Assistance to find student accommodation
  • Assistance to find flights
  • Airport pick up/meet and greet
  • Assistance to find student jobs
  • Settling procedures assistance
  • Bank account, transport cards, finding a GP, tax file application etc
  • University study preparedness

Supported every step of the way.

Our support doesn’t end when you receive your university acceptance letter. At XEL, we’re dedicated to ensuring you feel supported at every stage of your study journey. Our services are continually evolving to support our students through to graduation and beyond.

Go from ponderer to planner in a couple of easy steps

If you’ve been thinking about your overseas study options, let’s work together to find your best country, university and course. Book an appointment with one of our team, so we can start to plan your journey from where you are today, to where you want to be.