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How it Works

Check Your Eligibility

Your eligibility is checked and matched with the programs and schools. Eligibility criteria vary with the university and course you choose. We suggest to you the schools and program which best matches your profile. This makes your research work hassle-free. You just need to finalize and apply for the course.

Apply to Schools

You choose a school and program, complete the profile, pay fees, and submit the required documents. You will require documents such as academic transcripts, exam score sheets, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, etc. We will provide you with the whole list of documents required so that you can prepare accordingly.

Get Accepted

The admission application is assessed by the school and a letter of acceptance is issued. Your profile is evaluated by the international university admission officer. If all your documents are properly synced with your application and matched the eligibility criteria, your admission is confirmed. You will then receive the offer letter from the university to which you have applied.

Visa Application Process

Our Counsellors guide you through the visa application process. We provide you with the checklist of documents required for the visa application. We will provide your guidance on how much and how to prove your financial stability. We will also help you to get prepared for the interview by providing a sample set of questions.

Student Journey Begins

Book your flight, pack your bags, and start your journey. We will help you with a ready checklist to refer to before leaving your country. This will make your packing easy and hassle-free. We will provide you with a trustable reference for your ticket booking. We also guide for the insurance needed in specific country.